What Should I Use for a Club Banner Stand?

Aug 10

Once you have your beautiful, bold Toastmasters club banner, you face a new problem: where do you put it?

The official Toastmasters Banner Stand is insanely overpriced at $110. I’ve also heard several clubs complain about it being unstable.

A frugal, opportunistic Toastmaster may try reusing an existing tripod or easel that a member has, and hanging the banner from that. Maybe that will work for you, but in my experimentation I didn’t care for it. Not only do those pieces of equipment often have other roles in a meeting, but the banner tends to hang against the angled legs (showing the outline of the improvised stand) instead of hanging proud and free.

There are all manner of banner stands intended for commercial banners for trade shows and the like. I have never tried one of these. It’s slick to imagine the banner just rolling up and disappearing inside the stand, easily pulled out and held in place, but those stands are not made for Toastmasters banners. I would be nervous about entrusting a valuable club banner to one. More than that, the ones that are most suited for the shape and size of a Toastmasters banner tend to sit on the floor. A Toastmasters Banner doesn’t look quite as nice when the top comes up to your waist.

My top recommendation may sound silly: suction cup hooks, such as you might find in a store near bathroom organizers. They’re cheap, very small and portable, unobtrusive (being small and clear), and in my experience work great. The only disadvantage is that you need conveniently located glass or tile to place them. If you can use them, do so.

If your meeting space is not compatible with the suction cups, then I feel you may be best off making your own banner stand. However, this does not have to be an onerous or expensive task. Simply, quickly, cut and assemble a PVC frame using inexpensive materials. Feel free to be creative and device a frame in whatever shape you feel most suitable.

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