Podcast Episode 1: Club Ambassador Program

Oct 06

Our guest speaker Amy Espinoza will be giving us an inside look at the Club Ambassador Program.

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Be a Club Ambassador!

Visiting clubs besides your own has multiple benefits.

  • You can find new ideas to revitalize your club
  • You can get a glimpse of what it might be like to be an Area Governor
  • You may be able to get more stage time to achieve your communications and leadership goals faster
  • You can make new friends and expand your network

The District 55 Club Ambassador program provides for possible rewards for both members and clubs. By visiting other clubs, attending contests, and attending the Fall Conference, you rack up points. Point winners will be rewarded with Gift Certificates to the District 55 Bookstore. Below are the details of the program. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


  • Rewards will be Gift Certificates to the District 55 Bookstore. Redemption procedure and deadlines to be announced when available
  • Only members of District 55 are eligible
  • $50 Gift Certificate to each to the winning Club Ambassador from each division (therefore, six awards). District Officers are not eligible – regular members only compete against other regular members.
  • $50 Gift Certificate to the club in the district whose members earn the most Club Ambassador points (Toastmasters must list only one club as their home club in the CAP system). Club Ambassador points from all members, including Area Governors and Division Governors, are included in this total.
  • $25 Gift Certificate to the Area Governor with the most Club Ambassador points. Area Governors only compete against other Area Governors.
  • $25 Gift Certificate for the Division Governor with the most Club Ambassador points. Division Governors only compete against other Division Governors.
  • Certificates will be handed out at the District 55 Spring 2011 Conference.

How to Record Your Visits

  • Fill in the Registration Form on the CAP site
  • Every time you visit a club, attend a contest, or attend the Fall 2010 Conference, submit a Visit Report
  • To see how you’re doing versus others in the program, view the a Results Page.

That’s all there is to it!

NOTE 1: Since the Club Ambassador Program ends on April 15, 2011, no points will be available for attending the Spring 2011 District Conference

How to Earn Ambassador Points


  • Attend a club meeting {1 point}
  • Attend an Area, Division, or District contest {1 point}
    • You may not report clubs you belong to!


  • Bring a non-Toastmaster guests {1 point per guest}
  • Take a meeting role–any role you take other than simply observing counts, including but not limited to Invocator, Table Topics Speaker, Competent Leader Evaluator, Ballot Counter, Speaker Introducer, Serving at a registration desk, and so on. {1 point}
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the club website with at least one club officer {1 point}
  • Join the club you visit as a dual member{2 points – may only be claimed once in program}
  • Become the Club Coach for the club you visit {2 points – may only be claimed once in program}
  • Visit a club that has not yet chartered {1 point – calculated automatically}
  • Present an educational module (Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series, Success/Leadership Series) {1 point if in green or yellow zone club – 2 points in red zone club – zone is calculated automatically}. Link to Zone List
  • Regular members only: visit a club you have not yet visited this Toastmaster year {1 point – calculated automatically}
  • Regular members only: visit a club outside your color zone {1 point – calculated automatically} See NOTE 2
  • Area governors only: visit a club outside your Area {1 point – calculated automatically}
  • Division governors only: visit a club outside your Division {1 point – calculated automatically}
  • Area and division governors only: receive points based on visited club’s color zone {1 point for green, 2 points for yellow, 3 points for red – calculated automatically} Link to Zone List

Please contact Club Ambassador Program Chair Amy Espinoza if you need additional information.

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